Just Things I like
brolita?? How cute!! I must ask it, and sorry if it bothers you, but can I see a full photo of you? I can't see much on your portrait photo (>ω<*)ノ♥ (I'm the one running Moon Kana chan's tumblr, also, thank you for following and liking and reblogging so much♥! ;3)

Hi there, sorry it took a while to reply. I do all my tumbling from my iPhone , so I never see messages come in .. grrrr.

There are a couple of photos of me on my tumblr. The most recent was the International Lolita Day meetup photos. I posted two pics from our meetup - I am in the Darker coloured one. That’s me on the extreme right of the group - all in black.

There is another shot (crap iPhone shot) of me in my lavender sweet outfit (you can also see my Korg Radius synth)

Sorry I don’t know how to link to them as this is about the first time I have used the web interface.

I so love Moon Kana - thus all the reblogs. Love her music and she is so cute too. Thankyou for putting up all those great photos !